Minh Anh and Giang reached out to us awhile ago wanting to do a photoshoot of their life time to celebrate their memories together and more importantly, to mark the beginning of their new journey as husband and wife. Without hesitation, we agreed to do their photoshoot and started planning for it right away.

Among the places we came up with to do Minh Anh and Giang’s photoshoot, Arizona took the cake because of its vibe, free spririt and wilderness. After a lot of research and continuous talk with the couple, we finally nailed down all the details and locations for the photoshoot. With a goal of capturing their youth, passionate love and wildness in the most natural way, we turned the photoshoot into an exciting yet romantic roadtrip. Our adventure with Minh Anh and Giang began right when we hit the road where we would stop along the way at beautiful farms we saw along the way or at a long winding road in Arizona to take pictures. Young, wild and free are probably the most accurate words to describe this couple. Their positive energy and sweet love were contagious and made us have so much fun doing the photoshoot. Our first official stop was at the Wave, Antelope, Arizona with the mesmerizing rock texture and the iconic Horseshoe Bend. We went on to the next day to hit Grand Canyon. The combination of the amazing scenary at Grand Canyon and this beautiful couple made everything in front of our eyes surreal. Minh And and Giang’s photoshoot is defintely one of our most favorite and memorable shoots.

Client: MinhAnh&ThuyGiang
Location: Arizona