Have you ever been on an ongoing trip for 3 months when the time you spent on airplanes and on land is almost the same and you even lost track of time because you are constantly on the move? If your answer is yes, we want to share our empathy with you for all your hard work because traveling for work, constantly being at the airports and experiencing changes in weather and timezone are extremely exhausting. But also, we want to congratulate you because you probably have had one of the most memorable journeys of your life.

We have had 3 months living our dream with many different emotional levels. There was time when it felt like the wind was cutting through our skin, there was time when we got so much sunburn from the extreme heat at the beach, there was time we were soaking wet standing  in front of a waterfall, there was time we were waken up during a quick nap in the car by a snowstorm.

However, there were even more times when we were startled by the gorgeous and surreal nature in front of our eyes and the happiness of the couples we’ve worked with. It’s a precious gift God gave us. We are deeply grateful we get to experience so much emotions and see what our beautiful world has to offer.

We know there will be more months like this to come, definitely exhausting but more importantly, adventurous and memorable.

Stay tuned for more photos from our trip. Thank you all!


Cam Wedding